With the help of the Samp Hack Tool, you' will not have to fear about getting ban in-game, as the Tool has a flawless anti-ban feature which will help you pass any hack checks built in the game. Stay tuned for Version 2.00 with an updated anti-ban. The Aimbot is also fully undetectable.

First Ever Wall-Hack

Want to see where your enemies are hiding? Look no further, with the samp hack tool Wall-hack you can dominate the enemy team without them ever getting close to you, with this amazing wall-hack you can easily see your opponents through the walls with customisable limb colors! Unique to this hack tool.

Money Hack & Easy Air Break

The first Undetectable Money hack, Use it on every server without having to fear about getting banned, even hack server-sided cash with ease. The Air Break featured in this tool is also flawless and cannot be detected. Be wary of admins spectating you as they can still manually ban you! But anti-cheat will not detect you!