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Samp Aimbot

Samp Aimbot 0.3x


The Samp Aimbot for 0.3x that comes with this hack tool is the most advanced Samp Aimbot that can be found on the web to date! It first came out for SA-MP version 0.2 it has added many features over the year, such as Shooting Ahead based on Ping, currently you need to manually input the ping between you and the server you want to use it on, although automatic ping detection is planned for Version 4.0! So Stay Tuned!!! If you are looking for an undetectable & flawless SA-MP Aimbot & Samp Hack Tool all in one, look no further, you have come to the right place. Head on over to our download page to download the most advanced Samp Aimbot on the market. All for free.

WARNING : Before installing this make sure you have not installed mods that replace files from the folder data because your GTA SA may crash (and then you cannot play until you delete san andreas) and you have to reinstall to play again!

4 comments on “Aimbot
  1. ibryam says:

    The Best SAMP Aimbot around. Thanks!

  2. Alejandro says:

    muy bueno!!

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